Construction Phase

The construction of Panorama 1453 Museum of History began in 2005 and completed in 2008 by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Panorama 1453 Museum of History emerged from a set of harmonious works that lasted for three years uninterruptedly by eight artists. The owner, artist and cartoons director of the idea is Haşim Vatandaş, who also worked as the project coordinator. Eight artists, namely, Ramazan Erkut (background), Yaşar Zeynalov (artists in charge of the figures), Oksana Legka (artist), Ahmet Kaya (storyboard), Hasan H. Dinçer (computer application), Atilla Tunca (model) and Murat Efe (computer application) worked for the project.

The first year of the work was spent on researches. The picture contains 10.000 figures of drawings. The artists spent a significant time on ensuring harmony of the picture to the reality. 1/10 scale model work constituted a remarkable stage of it, and helped to determine what is missing. A detailed work, during which everything was performed from scratch, followed this. The artists discussed the density of details.

Part of the team defended that a number of details would not be visible from 14 m distance, whereas the artists agreed on further details despite not visible from 14 m distance. In this way, one a visitor entered in the museum at different times, he or she would notice a detail that could be missed before. State-of-the-art cameras also help in sensing the details.